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Khalil Madyun: Press

Khalil Madyun is a New York based crooner, who is a versitile as they come nowaday. I would compare Khalil's versitile package to a John Legend. Piano playing with the signing ability to go with it. Vocally he exceeds in comparison to Legend. His self titled EP is a touch of traditional R&B, NeoSoul, with a little Seal English flavor to go with it. I saw him perform live, and the stage show is tight as well. Check out Khalil's site at
Pop music is unique in that as a name it is to suggest something that will be popular, and have some popularity. As a genre it means a music that is straightforward and to the point, irresistible upon first listen, deserving of repeat listens. If the music industry today has a crystal ball there is someone who is more than ready to create pop masterpieces of the future. His name is Khalil Madyun.

This 6-song EP is basic and to the point: it features nothing more than Madyun, his voice, and his music, most of which is played by him.  Don’t think Prince.  Instead, think of the best elements of Babyface, Me’Shell NdegeOcello, and Christopher Cross, and you have a glimpse of this man’s potential.  The songs are easy to listen to, without pop culture cliches or the need to crossover into other genres.  The CD works as an example of Madyun as an artist at work, and also as a songwriter whose songs could become this generation’s Stevie Wonder or Bernie Taupin.  The intimacy of these songs works for his voice, although it would be interesting to see what he would be able to do with a full band or orchestra.

– John Book