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Khalil Madyun: Music

How Many Ways

(Khalil Madyun)
1st: For the time I have known you, you’ve turn my world around
With your smile, with your sweetness my life was finally found
But you said that you couldn’t feel the love now my heart is dying slowly
Chorus: How many ways can I say I miss you
How many ways can I say I care
How many times must I say I need you to make me a better man
2nd: So here I am all alone without you in my life
I thought that we would be friends now but it’s not feeling right
Cause we seem to have few words to say and my heart still calls out your name
Your name
Bridge: There are some people who say love is blind
So others fear and they let it pass them by
You were willing to let this feeling fly
But I’m here to open love’s eyes, loves eyes